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The Giuseppe Labate company, founded in Reggio Calabria in 1949,
quickly established itself at the top of the jewelery market

The high level of professionalism achieved and the personal imprint in carrying out the activity are rewarded by numerous national and European awards.

The strength of the company and its extreme competitiveness are linked to a management aimed exclusively at customer satisfaction through availability, competence and exceptional product quality.

The premises of the Historical Headquarters, renovated at the beginning of 2004, are designed to provide the customer with a unique feeling of welcome. In addition to a room for quick distribution, there are also two private rooms that allow you to make your purchase with the greatest possible comfort, perhaps while you sip a fragrant coffee…

Therefore, we are pleased to do our best to be a reference and meeting point where we can meet and, together, look for the right object to satisfy a personal desire or to testify your affection for whoever receives it as a gift and why may your visit be a welcome surprise every time and the purchase is always a pleasure and an appointment not to be missed.

We are waiting for you…


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